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MAY 18 - MAY 19, 2024




It would be an honor to serve as the Chair of the Democratic party of Hawaii.  I am running to unify our Party, to energize and register young voters, to fundraise and make sure our state party is well-funded, and to promote Democratic policies.  Lastly, I am running to ensure that we re-elect President, Joe Biden.


I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Hawaii and California, and currently serve as the managing partner for Gilson Daub Hawaii.   I was born and raised in Honolulu and graduated from Punahou in 2002.   I attended Occidental College, graduating in 2006, and earned my law degree at the University of San Francisco.  


In 2020 I ran to be the Democratic nominee for the House of Representatives, District 20.  I am currently the District 21 Chair of the Democratic Party, and a member of Palolo’s Neighborhood Board.  I worked as a Staff Attorney for the House Judiciary Committee in 2019.  Lastly, I am a co-chair of the Make-A-Wish Hawaii Young Leaders’ board.


My passion for the Democratic party started at a young age.  In 2004 I attended the state convention to campaign for my mom, Rai Saint Chu, to become a Delegate to the Democratic National convention.  In 2016, while living in LA I took a bus to Nevada on weekends to knock on doors for Hilary Clinton.   In 2020 I spent the weekend before the election knocking on doors for President Biden in Nevada.  Thereafter, in January of 2021 I canvassed for Senators Warnock and Ossoff in Georgia, helping the Democrats take control of the senate.  I am passionate about the Democratic party and have worked on the ground for successful Democratic campaigns across America.  I understand the importance of grass roots organizing.   The best way to motivate and increase democratic involvement in Hawaii is to be in the community focusing on community engagement.   


If I have the honor of serving as your Chair, I will focus on organizing community Democratic events.   Through community potlucks, and voter registration drives, we will usher in a new generation of young democratic voters.  Moreover, one of my primary focuses will be on fundraising.   I will plan fundraisers and tap into Democratic donors across the state.  We will be a well-funded Democratic party, with ample opportunities for all.  


It is a blessing that our Party has a diverse set of opinions.   While we may not always agree on everything, we are all passionate, engaged and care about the people of Hawaii.   As your party chair it will by my intention to unify the party.  Our party will be an open forum for all democratic perspectives, and a place where we can appreciate our diverse set of opinions.  


Lastly, I am running to ensure our party promotes Democratic policies in our state.  I support a higher minimum wage, and affordable housing.  Moreover, I pride myself as an ally for women’s reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights.   Lastly, I am a proud supporter of labor and workers’ rights.  

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