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MAY 17 - MAY 18, 2024


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Dear Democratic Party Members,


My name is Bixby Ho, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Democratic Party State Chair. With 29 years of dedicated service to both local and national causes within our party, I believe now is the opportune moment for me to step forward and lead. My platform is straightforward: to fundraise tirelessly and to ensure that our state remains staunchly Democratic at every level of governance. Throughout my tenure in the party, I have consistently advocated for inclusivity and the importance of giving everyone a voice. Fundraising is paramount to our success. While our party may face financial challenges, I am committed to overcoming them with your support. I intend to dedicate myself to fundraising efforts every single day, exploring innovative strategies such as incentivizing our members who contribute and collaborating closely with the Democratic National Committee. Effective communication is key to our party's growth. While our Communications Committee has done commendable work, I believe there is room for improvement. By expanding our outreach efforts and organizing community events, we can bolster public awareness of our party and attract new members. Collaboration lies at the heart of my vision for the party. I advocate for a closer partnership between the State Central Committee and the districts they represent, fostering transparency and unity within our ranks. Campaigning is essential to securing electoral victories. By keeping our members informed about the actions of our elected officials and actively engaging with unions and other key stakeholders, we can ensure their continued support at the ballot box. Additionally, I recognize the need to revitalize our Party Headquarters. As such, I propose the creation of a Volunteer Coordinator position to support our Executive Director and Data Manager. This role will ensure that our headquarters remains a hub of activity and support for our party's initiatives. In conclusion, I am eager to lead our party into a new era of growth and prosperity. With your help, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Democratic Party that represents the values and aspirations of all Hawaii.


Thank you for your consideration.

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