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MAY 27 - MAY 29, 2022


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I’m running for Party Chair because I care about our Party and our values. I have the experience, inside our Party and out, to help advance them.


Look at the issues I’ve fought for, and continue to fight for, to get to know me better.


We need a person who has the know how to use the momentum from State Convention to keep our Party moving forward, and I’m the right person, at the right time, for this challenge.


We need to empower all of our members so we can collaborate together to make our Platform a reality.


We achieve this through: 

  • Engaging with our members, where they are and what interests them.

  • Embracing technology, without losing the personal interaction, to better inform and engage with our fellow Democrats.

  • Utilizing the amazingly talented members in our Party.

  • Providing opportunities for our members to shine.

  • Standing up ALL of our Party’s Committees.


I’m asking you to vote for me for Party Chair and I’m looking forward to what we can do together.


In Solidarity,


Michael Golojuch, Jr.


DPH Experience

Ad Hoc Committee Co-chair - Party Organization at the District/Precinct Level ⬥ 2019-2020

Ad Hoc Committee - Strategic Planning, Committee Member ⬥ 2020-2021

Assistant Party Secretary & Member of the Executive Committee ⬥ 2016-2018

Biennial Election Project Manager ⬥ 2020
District 40 Treasurer ⬥ 2010-2012

Glenn Ida Golf Tournament ⬥ 2019 Founding Member & Project Manager; 2020-2022 Advisor

Labor Caucus Communications Director ⬥ 2016-Present
Membership Committee Chair ⬥ Reestablished 2012-2014; & Co-chair 2018-2020

Precinct Officer (District Rep.) ⬥ 2010-2016; 2018-2022

State Convention ⬥ 2022 Convention; 2016 Resolutions; & 2014 Platform Co-chair 

Stonewall Caucus Chair & State Central Committee Rep ⬥ 2012–Present, & Vice-chair 2010-2012

Region 8 Chair ⬥ 2016-2017


Top 5 Legislative Victories

Civil Unions ⬥ 2010 & 2011

Marriage Equality ⬥ 2013

Our Care, Our Choice Act (Medical Aid in Dying) ⬥ 2018

Banning Conversion Therapy ⬥ 2018

Hawai‘i State LGBTQ+ Commission ⬥ 2022 (on Governor Ige’s desk)


Community Participation

Aloha United Way – Safety Net Member ⬥ 2013-Present
Blood Bank of Hawai‘i – Blood Drive Coordinator ⬥ 2010-2015

Common Cause Hawai‘i – Board Member ⬥ 2019-2021
Hawai‘i State AFL-CIO – Vice President ⬥ 2016-Present
Honolulu Pride – Chair ⬥ 2008-2015
Kapolei City Lights Electrical Parade Co-chair ⬥ 2009-2014
Pride@Work Hawai‘i – Board Member ⬥ 2015-Present

Women’s March on Washington, O‘ahu – Event Producer ⬥ 2017

Women’s March on Washington, Hawai‘i & Hawai‘i’s Travel Team – Tech/Graphics Support ⬥ 2017


2004 – Flame of Hope Award – Interfaith Alliance Hawai‘i
2005 – Kapolei Outstanding Achievement Award for Community Service (Group) –
          Founding committee member of Sunset on the Plains
2008 – Kapolei Outstanding Achievement Nominee for Community Service (Youth Leadership)
2013 – Investment in People Award – Transformation Internship Program Team
2020 – The Business of Pride – Hawai‘i Pacific Business News



High School Diploma, College Prep ⬥ Saint Louis High School, Honolulu, HI 

Bachelor’s Degree - Business Science - Hospitality Management ⬥ University of San Francisco
Graduate - Organizing for Power Training Program ⬥ Worker’s Rising Everywhere


What my supporters are saying about me.

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